Our technology, your advantage

No need to deliver ready-to-print files to Roularta Printing.

We have an entire prepress team at your disposal ready to create your layout and generate printable files. You simply transmit your data by email and we will take care of the rest. 


  • PDF Workflow (Medibel+ / Ghent PDG Workgroup) completely integrated
  • Up-to-date hardware: Mac Pro (Intel) on OS X in combination with TFT screens
  • Support up-to-date software: QuarkXpress 2019, Indesign CC, Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, Acrobat Professional DC, Enfocus Pitstop 2019,...


  • Full Color Management workflow
  • Automated image processing by way of "Intellitune"
  • High quality colour proofing systems
  • Printing proofs are made by way of ICC profiles according to the type of paper

Kodak Insite replaces analogue ozalid. Our customers can give their approval for the content or add some comments per notebook or by job. Insite is linked to automatic email traffic between the parties concerned. The system can be used to send pages and is used by many of our customers.

Kodak Insite Color (=remote display of exact colours on-screen) is an extension to the current Kodak Insite environment. Kodak Insite replaces analogue colour proofing. You can judge the colours per page on a calibrated screen, depending on the desired printing result. You can approve the colours remotely or ask for corrections (via annotations).


  • Own Word2InDesign solutions
  • IND2XML via an Atomik Extension in InDesign
  • Database Publishing system

Preflighting (file control):

  • 100% (certified) PDF files by way of Enfocus PitStop
  • Data transmission files by way of support, FTP, Upload or Insite


  • Domestic advertising agency at the service of RMG's several business units
  • Full layout of all possible printing assignments of our customers

CTP magazines

  • CTP workflow system "Kodak Prinergy" with digital blueprint (via Insite) and upload possibility
  • CTP lighting: 2 x Agfa Avalon N40 each with 2 autoloaders

CTP newspapers

  • CTP workflow system "Agfa: Arkitex"
  • CTP lighting: 3 x Agfa Advantage N-DL (260 plates per hour)