High tech at the service of quality

The highly advanced full-colour offset presses of Roularta Printing turn out extremely accurate print work. They are fast, wear-resistant and equipped with computer-controlled pre-setting.

This superior technology guarantees ireproachable high-quality printing with a minimum of wastage. Furthermore, all of our presses are equipped with a heater, including our newspaper web offset presses.
The heatset newspaper presses are unique in Europe. They are at the basis of a new generation of four-colour printing which is distinguished by a very fine screen and brilliant colours. 

We will select for your specific job the economically best-suited machine on the basis of criteria such as format, speed and finishing requirements. Take a look "behind" a few of the presses listed below to get an idea of the various possibilities. 

1 x Man Rotoman - web offset heatset
3 x Lithoman 72 - web offset heatset
2 x MAN COLORMAN - web offset heatset