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Our sustainability has been proven
Roularta Printing uses energy in a sustainable way with respect for the environment, people and nature. We continuously strive for greater energy efficiency and make our employees and partners aware of the importance of energy conservation. We continuously measure, register and monitor our energy consumption with a view to transparent reporting, open communication and the need for additional initiatives.

Production revealed

Paper is a basic raw material for printing newspapers and magazines. Roularta Printing purchases an average of 70,000 tons of paper each year, and we are very conscious of this.

In 2009, Roularta Printing obtained both the FSC and the PEFC ‘Chain of Custody’ certificates. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Scheme) are two certification systems that guarantee responsible and sustainable forest management. Both certificates monitor the balance between the three functions of a forest, namely: the economic function (wood production), the ecological function (biodiversity, fauna and flora, CO2 absorption…) and the social function (recreation and relaxation).

All newsprint at Roularta Printing is 100% recycled paper.

At Roularta Printing we are very careful with chemical products. The consumption of inks, cleaning agents and fountain solution additives is included in the legally required solvent accounting.

Although it is not yet possible to switch completely to vegetable inks, today 25% to 35% of the ingredients of our heatset inks are bio-based. Our printing inks are manufactured in accordance with the EuPIA Exclusion Policy for Printing Inks and follow the European REACH Regulation (EC) 1907/2006, which means that the inks have been assessed for their impact on people and the environment.

In addition to ink, we also use cleaning agents and fountain solution additives. In recent years, Roularta Printing has undertaken considerable efforts to reduce the use of isopropyl alcohol (IPA). The aim is to further reduce the use of IPA and, where possible, even eliminate it completely.

All our printing inks carry the Blue Angel label. This label guarantees that the inks meet a whole range of sustainability criteria.

Energy conservation is of fundamental importance in our production. Roularta Printing continuously strives to reduce energy consumption in the production environment.

In 2005, Roularta Printing joined the Energy audit covenant for the first time, a five-year energy plan issued by the Flemish government in the context of the Kyoto objectives. Participation obliges us to continuously work on the optimization and detailed follow-up of energy flows within our business.

In 2016, Roularta Printing joined the Energy Policy Agreement (EBO), the successor to the Energy audit covenant. The EBO not only requires a detailed energy plan and reporting, but also obliges participating companies to set up a fully-fledged energy management system. Roularta Printing has opted for the ISO 500001 process to achieve this objective.

In 2019, Roularta Printing obtained the ISO 500001 certificate. This certificate guarantees that the energy policy we have pursued complies with an independent, objective and international standard. The efforts made are continuously monitored and checked. Where necessary, we take on additional initiatives to achieve the goals set.

In 2019, Roularta Printing installed no fewer than 1,138 solar panels of 330 watt peak on the roof of the production halls.

Water is an important and precious raw material, and Roularta Printing uses it as economically as possible.

In recent years, we have implemented various interventions in the production process, which have resulted in a systematic decrease in the consumption of city water. For example, due to the conversion of the cooling system, some of the water used can be reused. This way we save more than 7,000 m³ of water per year.

Thanks to the use of rainwater, we limit our consumption of city water.

Strict rules have been in force in the field of packaging waste since 1998. From a certain volume of packaging waste, every company is obliged to submit a three-yearly prevention plan to the Interregional Packaging Commission (IVCie). To meet this obligation, Roularta Printing subscribes to the Febelgra/Fedustria sector plan.

In 2019, we adjusted the thickness of the stretch film for wrapping pallets from 17 µm to 12 µm. The result? A savings of no less than 11 tons on the annual consumption of stretch film.

ISO 50001

In 2019, Roularta Printing was the first and only printing company in Belgium to obtain the ISO 50001 energy certificate. This certificate guarantees that our energy policy complies with an independent, objective and international standard. Efforts made are continuously monitored and checked. Where necessary, we take on additional initiatives to achieve the goals set.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 and are the successors to the Millennium Development Goals. Together, the 17 SDGs form a comprehensive action plan to deal with our planet in a more sustainable way and to liberate humanity from poverty. For Roularta Printing, the SDGs are a source of inspiration and a guide to our continuous pursuit of sustainability.

Green Deal

In 2018, Roularta signed the ‘Green Deal Companies and Biodiversity’ pledge. The Green Deal is a voluntary agreement to increase the species diversity of plants and animals on the company site. Roularta Printing therefore invests heavily in greenery on, around, and in the company buildings.

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