Our technology, your advantage

The experience that Roularta Printing has acquired in printing magazines will also be beneficial for you.

The periodicals or sponsored magazines that you entrust to us will benefit from our know-how and infrastructure. Furthermore, the technical possibilities are virtually unlimited: we can print in different formats, with or without cover, glued, stitched or with perfect binding.
These magazines get to their readers in different ways. Postal subscriptions, door-to-door distribution and addressed advertising are areas in which Roularta Printing is highly skilled. This experience is at your disposal too. We can look after everything for you: door-to-door distribution, labelling and making packages ready for mailing, shipment to different addresses in Belgium and abroad.

Practical details

  • Formats: from A5 to 238 x 285 post-cut
  • Number of pages: from 2 to …
  • In-line stapling and gluing
  • Tear-off perforations for reply cards, chequebooks, etc.
  • Pinless: 8-10-12 pages glued, raw from press without annoying pinholes! (up to 1,000,000 copies per day)
  • Printroll: for off-line finishing without damage caused by handling