Girl power at Roularta Printing

Roularta Printing is committed to an inclusive and diverse working environment, where all employees are given equal opportunities. Sidney Taverne is a perfect example of this commitment. She is 19 years old and already part of the permanent team at the Lithoman 72. Sidney studied at the VTI in Bruges, where she graduated in Print Media eighteen months ago. The story of a rising star in the printing plant in Roeselare.

The first job
My job at Roularta Printing is also my first real job”, Sidney explains. “I applied spontaneously on their website. I live nearby and knew there was a printing company here, although I didn’t really know Roularta Printing very well. During my application, Marnik Lein (Production Manager Rotation) took me through the printing plant and the same day I was told I could start. The first two months I worked on an interim basis. This was followed by two 6-month contracts and now I am working permanently“.

My ambition? To become a press operator
And what do you do in the printing plant, Sidney? “I am mainly working on driving the print rolls in and out and unpacking, which is stacking the bundles on pallet. I also help prepare the printing press. I definitely enjoy the preparation the most. It’s the closest thing to real printing. I would also like to become a press operator in the future. I find it very interesting to judge presswork and set colour.”

Good vibes
Besides the content of the job, Sidney also really likes the contact with colleagues. “We work in three shifts: afternoon, early and night. My shift changes every week which makes me come into contact with different employees. Everyone gets along well and the atmosphere is fun.” As a 19-year-old, Sidney is the first, the youngest and, for now, the only woman on the shift. “I sometimes get asked if it’s not strange that there are no other women in my team, but actually I don’t notice anything about it. Besides, they need young people.” Sidney is also keen to recommend her job. “I can definitely recommend the job, but it has to interest you. Otherwise, especially at night, it can be a bit difficult to stay awake.”


Colleagues Sidney & Cyrianna

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