Paper at a deliberate pace

At Roularta Printing, as soon as a new order comes in, we have an order manager ready to ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish. Peter Hudders is one of the seven order managers in the company. He says, “I am the central point of contact in the production process of a magazine. I am in contact with everyone who has anything to do with the order. That starts with customer requirements and ends with delivery at the store.”

One large team of specialists
An incredible number of people are involved in the production of a magazine. It is a succession of expertise. Peter’s job consists of giving the order its right shape, following up on every step of the process, and involving all the specialists at the right time. “Every person is an expert in their own field, and I enjoy working with that expertise, such as the printer who knows the intricacies of his printing press so well that he can tell you exactly whether something is possible – or how we can achieve it. Or the planner who indicates if production is feasible within the set timeframe. Or the transporter who ensures that the pallets loaded with magazines will reach the customer without any damage. Every single link in the chain is necessary to deliver the level of quality we want to reach.”

And that quality is high. Not only with the people at Roularta Printing, but also with the parties they collaborate with. “You feel that everyone has the same goal: to give the best of themselves and get a top product that our customers are very satisfied with. If that works out, then I feel very proud when I see the magazines in the store. And that feeling is renewed again every week.”

The printing company runs around the clock every day of the week
Roularta Printing operates 24/7. There is as much activity in the printing house at night as there is during the day. “Most of the time, everything goes well and according to plan. But it sometimes happens that the planning is different than anticipated in the morning because an unexpected situation has come up during the night. Then we intervene immediately and get in touch with all our partners to meet our deadlines. It is my job to communicate with everyone and to ensure that everything runs smoothly.”

Healthy stress
Peter emphasizes the optimistic atmosphere at Roularta Printing. “If something goes wrong, we immediately look for a solution together. As a close-knit team, we look at how we can arrive at the best solution in every situation; and this way, every problem becomes an exciting challenge. When we conclude, everyone has a feeling of satisfaction and smiles on their faces – because we just made it work again. I call that healthy stress.”

Printing in the digital world
The digital world is taking up more and more space. Is there still room for printed material and paper? “During meetings, I always experience a very positive vision of the future. We also continue to invest in the long term, and we are a highly respected company at the European level. I really believe that paper won’t disappear. Of course, we see that demand is decreasing; but with our weeklies and monthly magazines, we have strong products in-house, with a stable subscription audience. People will always keep reading. A magazine on the table, the weekend newspaper that passes from hand to hand during breakfast – that will continue to exist. I’m convinced of that.”

Paper at a deliberate pace
Peter sees a quality in printed matter that digital cannot offer. “Everything is fleeting on a smartphone. Online content is full of triggers, so you keep scrolling and never relax. We can’t keep up that high pace. When you open a paper magazine or a newspaper, that pressure is gone. That is the added value you get with print: pleasant browsing. Paper really lets you sink into your own world and immerse yourself in an article in peace, with a cup of coffee or an aperitif. Paper is in no hurry, and never will be.”

High quality for product and services
In addition to producing its own weekly and monthly magazines, Roularta Printing specializes in printing brochures, newspapers, luxury magazines, etc., for external customers. “These customers do not always have the necessary expertise. We guide them in that. We pay attention to the images, check whether they are too light or too dark. We keep an eye on the layout of the pages, so that, for example, there is no text or image outside the print format. In addition to production, Roularta therefore offers a full-service package. This is the only way for us to achieve the result that the customer and we ourselves have in mind.”

The ultimate in satisfaction
It is clear that everyone at Roularta Printing strives for top quality. “If the customer is satisfied with the publication, then production has been successful for us. That’s what we work for. Sometimes customers even call a long time after the job is delivered to thank us again for our work. I find that very special. It is the pinnacle of satisfaction for me.”

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